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Camping – Sleep with Mother Nature

Posted on 11 November 2018 by admin (0)

Nature is such a beautiful and complex sensation, yet the majority of us spend little time exploring it. Appreciating the scenery and soaking in the view from on top of a mountain is a sight that should never be rushed. Camping is such a wonderful hobby to pick-up; it is a great way to maximize your possibilities for adventure.

There are so many sights to see and places to visit that one could never explore all of it in a lifetime and can be shared with both friends and loved ones. No matter what age you might be there is always enough of Mother Nature to share and create new memories. Planning a camping trip can be overwhelming at first, but with the right approach, the entire trip, from start to finish will be smooth sailing.


It is the home base during your camping adventure so comfort should be a top priority. Pick a tent size that fits your needs depending on whether you are solo or have a family with you.  Remember, larger tents typically require more effort to put up and break down. When setting up the tent, a site with tree cover may obstruct the early morning sun, so it’s good to determine where the sun will rise and set. Select a good sleeping bag and pad system that fits your body and the conditions. Many camping families favor inflatable mattresses instead of pads.


Water is required not only for hydration but other uses on the camp, too. Organize how to sufficiently store and use water in camp so that you precisely get what you need when you need it. There are various options for water bags, but the base design is the same for most.  They can fit into a pack, hung them from a tree branch or be left on a picnic table. Furthermore, they are not that expensive and are designed to withstand the elements.


The highlight of every camping is enjoying a wonderful meal in a natural setting.  Preparing a meal on an open flame gives the food a natural touch and reminds you of simpler times. Invest in quality stoves and look for something that gives you control over the fire, heat and the flexibility to use a variety of skillets, griddles, ditch ovens, and pots. Many campgrounds nowadays have picnic tables and fire pits meaning you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff.


Plan your fires, mainly the wood and tools required to sustain a good rager, it often what gives campers trouble. Every situation is different.  When camping in freezing climates means you could be stoking a fire all day and most of the night. In the hotter weather, campers may only burn a fire in the evening hours after returning to camp.  The solution is to calculate the logs and know how long a pile will last.

When choosing your campsite, it is vital that you learn everything about it. It is ideal to check their website and make a phone call – make sure all your inquiries are sufficiently answered. Plus, check out their online reviews.